California Microcephaly Attorney

Has your child been diagnosed with microcephaly? This serious disorder may occur due to birth injury as a result of medical malpractice. California birth injuries attorney Dr. Bruce G. Fagel can help by offering you a free consultation to discuss this matter and determine what legal assistance he can provide in bringing the responsible party to justice for their actions through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Microcephaly is a neurodevelopmental disorder (an impairment of growth and development of the brain or central nervous system) that involves an individual with a head circumference a certain degree smaller than the standard for his or her age and gender. Depending upon the specific case, a person with microcephaly has a reduced life expectancy and cannot achieve normal brain function.

Developmental delays are expected for a child with microcephaly. Additional symptoms and associated conditions may include: mental retardation, seizures, impaired intellectual development, impaired motor function, hyperactivity, and an underweight, dwarfed body. At this time, there is no cure for microcephaly and treatment is of a supportive nature and will vary depending upon specific symptoms.

Microcephaly and Medical Malpractice
While microcephaly may be related to a maternal problem such as alcoholism or diabetes, it may also be genetic or may develop due to birth injuries a child sustains at the beginning of his or her life. When an infant suffers a serious brain injury during or after birth, it is possible that this may lead to microcephaly. The brain will not grow or will only grow slightly and the infant’s head will remain the same size while his or her body and face continue to grow.

California Birth Injury Attorney
A skilled medical malpractice lawyer should review your particular case if you suspect that medical malpractice led to your child’s diagnosis of microcephaly. By reviewing your medical records and all aspects of your case, an experienced birth injury attorney can determine whether you have a claim that you can bring against the medical professional or medical facility responsible for your child’s injury.

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