Infant Hematoma

Infant hematoma happens when blood collects in the area between the outer and the middle layers of the brain covering. It is usually a result of bleeding in the dura caused by a blow to the head, and the seriousness of the condition depends on the size of the hematoma. Hematomas are categorized as a subdural hematoma, where blood collects inside the skull, or cephalohematoma, when blood collects under the scalp.

There is a possibility that the brain trauma could have been sustained during the birth process. In spite of the sophistication of modern medical procedures, unexpected circumstances can arise during the birth process and errors can be made. Difficulties can occur when the baby is not passing through the mother’s birth canal normally and doctor intervention becomes necessary. Physicians are sometimes required to use specific tools to adjust an infant’s birth journey. For example, infants who have turned sideways in the birth canal, might have to be turned around before birth delivery can proceed.

These types of difficult birth deliveries frequently involve the use of forceps, or vacuum extraction devices. Vacuum extraction is cup-like device that is placed on the infant’s head and used to physically pull the infant from the womb. They can be made of plastic or metal and due to the fragile nature of the infant’s head, the procedure can cause a serious injury. Hematoma is caused by excessive force used during direct handling or forceps or vacuum extraction. When infant hematoma occurs, it requires a timely diagnosis and quick intervention in order to prevent permanent damage. Signs of infant hematoma include head swelling, high respiration rate, convulsions, coma, and increased intracranial pressure.

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Medical malpractice that causes hematoma or other birth injuries is unacceptable. A labor and delivery doctor or other medical professional may be held financially responsible for causing a hematoma, failing to diagnose fetal distress that caused the hematoma, or failing to properly treat this injury.

If your infant sustained a hematoma injury because a medical professional made a mistake, you may choose to file a birth injury lawsuit. If you decide to pursue this path, you will need an experienced birth injury attorney to guide you through the legal process to ensure every step is completed with accuracy and precision. After your child has sustained a devasating birth injury, they deserve sufficient financial resources to adequately prepare them for their future.

The experienced birth injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel and Associates knows the implications associated with birth and delivery, especially those that involve infant hematoma. Dr. Fagel can assist you in finding out whether the circumstances that caused your infant’s birth injuries were the result of a medical mistake. He has the knowledge and resources to research your claim to find out whether medical malpractice occurred.


Kernicterus is a rare type of brain damage that occurs in a newborn with severe jaundice (yellowing). It happens when a substance in the blood, bilirubin, builds up to very high levels and spreads into the brain tissues. This causes permanent brain damage. Kernicterus may be prevented by treating jaundice early before it gets severe.

A low-level buildup of bilirubin is normal. This is called mild jaundice, and it gives a newborn a slightly yellowish tint to the skin and sometimes the eyes.

After birth, it takes a few days for the newborn’s liver to effectively remove bilirubin from the blood. With feedings every two to three hours, mild jaundice will usually go away on its own after a few days. If a baby has any signs of jaundice at birth, he or she needs to be watched closely.

Kernicterus has likely already started if a baby has one or more of these symptoms: extreme sleepiness and lethargy; does not respond to touching or does not startle from sudden movements; an abnormal high-pitched cry; poor muscle tone, including unusual muscle flexing; seizures; and a fever.

Long-term damages from kernicterus include: movement difficulties, hearing loss or deafness, learning problems, developmental disabilities, and problems moving eyes.

Your doctor diagnoses kernicterus through a physical exam and knowledge of a child’s history. Blood tests to measure bilirubin levels are also done. So, the question is, can kernicterus be prevented? Yes, with proper testing and treatment.

If a baby is still in the hospital and has signs of jaundice, the doctor will perform a blood test measuring the bilirubin level. High levels require treatment, either by phototherapy or blood transfusion. Also, babies should be fed at least every one to three hours during the first couple of weeks of their life as this helps keep bilirubin moving out of the body through urine and stool.

Quick treatment may help prevent further brain damage. Long-term treatment for brain damage depends on a child’s specific problems. Typical treatment includes physical therapy, speech therapy and special education.

Kernicterus can have life-long consequences to a baby and the family. This calls for an immediate and careful investigation of the entire labor and delivery process to determine whether this injury could have been prevented. Often, evidence in the medical records shows significant problems and gives clear proof that the unfortunate outcome could have been prevented with responsible medical care.

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During pregnancy, many women trust the lives of their unborn children into the hands of doctors and physicians. However, when the trust is broken due to a complication or injury during childbirth, justice must be sought. At the Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates, the team handles only medical malpractice cases. If your newborn child has been injured and you suspect medical malpractice, immediately contact California medical malpractice attorney Dr. Bruce Fagel from the firm today.

With extensive experience as a medical doctor and a medical malpractice lawyer, Dr. Bruce G. Fagel has obtained countless verdicts on behalf of his clients. Despite the injury or illness your baby has sustained, the firm is ready to investigate and determine the cause. The firm works with virtually all birth injury cases, including those relating to brain injuries, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, Erb’s palsy, mental retardation, Pitocin, premature delivery and wrongful death. Call today to speak with Dr. Bruce Fagel and to determine the best strategy to move forward with your case.

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Choosing an experienced medical malpractice attorney with a strong medical background is critical to obtaining the maximum settlement for your case. By choosing an attorney that meets these high standards, you will have the most competent and aggressive advocate on your side. As a law firm that has recovered over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients, you will feel more comfortable when working in the care of experienced birth injury lawyer Dr. Bruce Fagel.

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