California Mental Retardation Attorney

Mental retardation is the medical term referring to an individual whose brain operates below the normal standard, characterized by mild, moderate or severe impairment to cognitive brain function. Mental retardation may exist due to a genetic disorder or naturally occurring complications in the development of a child’s brain. However, serious birth injury or brain injury during delivery can also cause mental retardation.

Dr. Bruce G. Fagel is an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who is dedicated to helping parents whose child has suffered birth injuries due to negligence on the part of an obstetrician, doctor, nurse or medical facility. Mental retardation may mean that your child will require constant care and attention for the rest of his or her life. It may also mean that your child will be unable to lead a normal life, as you would hope for and expect if medical care had been appropriately provided when necessary.

By reviewing medical records and conducting a careful investigation of all circumstances involving the childbirth and the medical treatment that the mother and baby received, medical malpractice attorney Dr. Fagel can determine whether medical negligence was to blame.

Mental Retardation and Children
Mental retardation may cause a number of developmental delays in a child. A child may take longer learning how to sit up, crawl and walk. He or she may learn to talk later than a child with normal cognitive abilities would. Some characteristics associated with mental retardation include the following:

Memory problems
Difficulty learning social skills and rules
Difficulty solving problems
Delays in language development
Lack of social inhibitors
Delays in developing self-care skills
California Medical Malpractice Lawyer
If your child suffers from mental retardation and you suspect this may have occurred due to medical malpractice, you have the right to seek help from a skilled lawyer. By consulting California birth injury lawyer Dr. Bruce Fagel immediately, you can find out what your options are and what choice is right for your child’s future. Dr. Fagel can review your birth injury case to determine if a medical malpractice lawsuit is warranted.

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